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Operations Manager/KLA Construction Inc 8 anchors in one afternoon!! Do it yourself

"I needed a good solution for installing a new handrail system on an existing concrete bridge. The Titan Post Anchors worked great and the homeowner has a rock-solid railing that looks great. I am very pleased with this product and I will be using it again."

..Fred Williams, Latrobe, US

"I used these anchors for installing a new railing on my deck. The deck has numerous angles, making it a necessity to surface mount the posts because the angled beams were all in the way. I needed to surface mount eight posts and did it in a snap with the titan post anchors. All it took was one afternoon. Thanks."

... Art W., Philadelphia, USA

"The Titan Anchors have excellent holding strength. I wrapped my 6x6 posts with aluminium and I installed the white Skirts to cover the anchors and I now have a very professional finished look."

.. John W, Myrtle Beach, USA

Strong Easy to install Perfect Solution

"Stronger than any other method of attachment. I would definitely use again and would highly recommend them to everyone."

... George Robertson, Center Conway, USA

"We used these anchors for an upstairs balcony. I used bolts and nuts to fasten the post to the deck instead of the lag screws as I was able to tighten these from underneath the balcony. The anchors were easy to install inside the posts. I would recommend this to anyone for installation this way."

... Rodney Rosenthal, Manvel, USA

"These anchors were the perfect solution, combined with the skirts they provide a beautiful finished look. Worth the money, I've recommended them to everyone."

... Keith Ganzenmuller, Salina, USA