Titan Anchors

The Most Advanced Building post anchor system available ... Anywhere!


The Titan wood post anchor is perfect for railings, gates, signs, small fences, balustrades, pergolas, gazebos, support posts on any surface, or anywhere you want a strong, good looking and long-lasting connection. Brawn meets beauty!


The patent-pending tube technology approaches the age-old problem of attaching surface mounted posts to decks from a completely different perspective!


Quick Installation

It takes minutes to install with the Titan's patent-pending tube technology that makes surface mounting wood posts hassle-free. Simply ...


1. Drill - Just cut the post straight and prepare it with a hole saw cut to guide the tube into the core of the post. No carpentry skills required!
2. Driver - Fit the tube into the circular-cut left by the hole saw and drive it into the post using a hammer until the base makes full contact with the post. The tube edge is sharpened to cut deep into the post.
3. Fasten - Use lag bolts and fasten the base to the post and then you are ready to attach the post to your deck, balcony, or patio.

No notching posts or deck boards means you save time and labour while vastly extending the lifespan of wood posts. Perfect for the DIY installer or professional alike.

Strong and Durable

Titan Anchors are made from heavy gauge formed galvanised steel and welded for maximum durability. The powder coat finish gives it a clean and durable finish to withstand rust and corrosion.


The inner tube is mechanically fitted into the base and welded for an extremely durable connection. The tube penetrates the post so that immense friction prevents it from being easily levered off the base as would happen with standard screws and a flat plate.


Beautiful Appearance

The Titan Post Anchor is a wood post anchoring device that blends form and function in a way never before considered.


The sharp tube pierces into the solid wood core of the post and is hidden internally to create a post to deck connection that is clean and inconspicuous - even to the most discerning homeowner.


Enhance the posts even further with the matching galvanised powder-coated Post Skirts also available that hide the bolts and provide a clean and finished look for all installers.



Rot starts where water regularly pools and collects.

The Titan Post Anchor lifts the post up off the deck so that it stays dry and your posts don't rot.

Traditional construction methods leave wood posts vulnerable to moisture ... and thus rot!


How-to Video

Don't believe us? Watch the video to see how easy it really is ...