The Titan Post Anchor™ is the most versatile user friendly, engineered post anchor available. Quickly and easily install wood posts without ugly bulky metal brackets wherever you wish onwhatever surface you want! 

Use with 100x100 wood posts on wood or composite decks, stairs, patios, concrete or any other hard surfaces*. 

  • Guard rails, support posts, gazebos or pergolas.
  • Composite post sleeves/skirts fit right over
  • Fence posts on concrete

You're going to love it.

  • No notching decking
  • No complicated carpentry, framing or hardware
  • Posts are higher and drier for longer life

Amaze yourself.  Build like a Pro!

*The 1/4" deck screws provided are for wood or composite surfaces, not concrete. Please use suitable concrete screws, sold separately.

Technical Specifications
Model TIST441
Color/Coating 316 stainless base, 304 stainless tube
Material Formed/Welded sheet steel
Post Size 3.5” to 4” (89mm to 100mm). NOTE: These anchors are suitable for 100mm x 100mm NOMINAL posts, or ~90mm x 90mm actual posts. Posts that are oversized must be planed down to suit or notched at the base to allow deck anchoring.
Dimensions Base: 16mm H x 128mm W x128mm L 
Tube: 89mm H x 32mm dia
Inner holes: 10mm dia, 50mm o.c.
Outer holes: 7mm dia, 51mm o.c.
Weight 0.70 kg
Fasteners For residential engineering guidelines use (4) 3/8”x5 hex head lag screws, minimum (6) #14x3 or 1/4x3” deck screws or hex head lag screws. Sold separately
Recommended Uses Residential deck railing 915mm-1077mm high, pergola or gazebo posts, support posts.  See Engineering Reports for horizontal, compression and tension loads. Maximum psacing between posts 1.8m.
Composite Decking Works with composite post sleeves and post base skirts.
Recommended Wood Species For best performance and ease of installation use with species ranging from cedar, spruce, redwood, pine, hem-fir with moisture content (m.c.) of 12%-20%.  To comply with residential engineering guidelines, do not use any species with specific gravity (density) less than the lowest of the above recommended species.
Other Species Douglas fir – ensure cutting edge of tube is sharp and m.c. not less than 12%.  Otherwise, install as if hardwood.
Hardwoods Requires hole saw and forstner bit installation technique as tube can not be impaled into wood easily.  See How To Guide.
Pre-Drilling For best performance it is recommended to pre-drill lag screw holes.  See How To Guide.
Concrete Surfaces Use minimum of 4 concrete ¼” screws at least 2-1/4” long.
Sold separately.
Install Instructions A copy of the installation instructions can be found here.


Watch installation videos to see how easy it really is:

Post Installation Concrete Installation


100x100 Post Anchor Stainless Steel

  • NZD$120.00

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